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Coinberry Partners With Point Of Sale Processor Cyclebit to Provide Canadians With Tangible Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

Bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and retail payments via Coinberry’s trusted technology infrastructure

Today Coinberry, Canada’s most trusted and innovative digital currency platform, has partnered with Cyclebit to provide Canadians with a tangible, cryptocurrency-to-retail payment processing solution. The partnership leverages Cyclebit’s expertise from implementing over 250,000 POS terminals internationally. Combined with Coinberry’s technology backbone, the partnership will help fuel cryptocurrency adoption across Canada.

Building from their recent government partnerships, the announcement marks Coinberry’s continued movement to provide trusted cryptocurrency solutions to governments, enterprise, and retail clients alike, and represents a fast moving trend towards real world applications of blockchain technology.

“We are always seeking innovative new ways to bring our customers trusted cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions that deliver exceptional value.” said Andrei Poliakov, Co-Founder and CEO of Coinberry. “From our recent government partnerships, to enterprise, and now via retail payment processors, we believe leveraging our trusted technology backbone will continue to accelerate growth in the industry.”

With over 1-million transactions processed per month globally and an annual $1-billion in card payments processed per year through their parent company ibox mPOS, Cyclebit has an extremely robust ecosystem and diverse technological expertise.

“When we decided to expand the Cyclebit solution to Canada, the first company we want to associate ourselves with was Coinberry.” said Sameer Pirani, Co-Founder of Cyclebit North America. “We wanted to work with like-minded people who are known for pushing boundaries and can get results with full transparency and trust of their users. We have a common vision of making Cryptocurrencies part of the economic cycle where individuals have a choice of what to currencies they chose to use to buy and spend on goods and services.”

Key Points:

  • Coinberry leads Canada as the only blockchain based cryptocurrency platform to provide payment processing for government municipalities, enterprise and retail clients alike.
  • Coinberry’s partnership with Cyclebit allows real world POS transactions to take place via cryptocurrency at any accepting retailer.
  • Secured by banking grade security, all transaction data remains encrypted between merchant and customer, no intermediaries are involved and transactions are processed instantly.

Coinberry will be unveiling its historic partnership with Cyclebit with the first live demonstration in Canada, at the upcoming Blockchain Futurist conference happening August 13th and 14th 2019 in Toronto.

For exclusive insight on the partnership and to learn how Coinberry is helping government municipalities, enterprises and retail innovate with cryptocurrency – please contact Marina Krtinic for additional insight from Coinberry’s management team.

About Coinberry Limited

Coinberry is a Toronto-based, FINTRAC-registered, financial technology solutions provider focused on blockchain and digital currency solutions. Coinberry operates the cryptocurrency trading platform, offering members the safest and simplest way to buy, sell, and process payments made with Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies in Canada.

About Cyclebit

Cyclebit, an ibox mPOS subsidiary, allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency, cards and cash via their proprietary POS system. With a seamless application, printer, and Bluetooth-connected card reader, Cyclebit is able to accept every type of card or contactless payment.