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We help Canadians start investing in their crypto journey. And we’re ready for you too.

Those aren’t just words. We have muscle behind them. We’ve hit $1 billion in trading volume, thanks to over 220K Canadians who’ve signed up with us. They’ve made us one of the largest and top crypto platforms in Canada.

Based in Toronto, Coinberry is a technology company that gives Canadians an easy, secure way to buy and sell digital currency. You see, we believe that the digital economy should be inclusive. That means everyone - even someone who wants to buy for the first time or someone who’s been around the blockchain. We tailor our support and education to include everyone.

We got our start in 2017 as the safest and most secure FINTRAC-registered platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency, which at the time only included coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now we’re growing quickly, right along with the crypto economy, and offer a large selection of coins for you to buy and trade - from NFT marketplaces to the metaverse and gaming, and blockchain protocols.

In 2019, we proudly made Canadian history by powering the first Bitcoin payment of property taxes for the Town of Innisfil.

As a digital financial institution of the future, we always seek ways to improve our trusted trading platform.

Because we want to give you a helping hand as you learn to navigate the new blockchain-based economy, our live support team is available when you have questions. And make sure to get all of the crypto facts you need in our learning center.