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How to buy Stellar (XLM) in Canada

Learn how it takes just 3 easy steps to buy Stellar. And you never pay deposit and withdrawal fees.
Buy Stellar (XLM)

What is Stellar?

A cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens belongs to the Stellar blockchain, which operates as a payment network. Stellar lets users quickly process transactions and trade internationally, without worrying about the limitations of borders or exorbitant transfer fees.

Stellar functions extremely well for payments. It process them in only a few seconds and charges extremely low fees. Stellar works especially well for micropayments because the processing fees, which are on a per-item basis, are virtually negligible at such a small scale.

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Stellar (XLM)

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Why invest in Stellar?

You may wonder if you should buy Stellar Lumens. The answer depends on what you’re looking for in a cryptocurrency. But Stellar certainly has potential.

Stellar offers a promising cryptocurrency investment because its network aims to work alongside banks and other financial institutions, offering an alternative, rather than replacing them. That goal appears feasible, realistic, and achievable.

While most cryptocurrencies aim to replace fiat currency, Stellar helps to transfer that currency across borders by using blockchain technology. By investing in Stellar, you can support a cryptocurrency that may gain value since it can coexist with fiat currencies.

Major organizations such as Samsung and IBM have links to Stellar, showing good signs for the cryptocurrency’s future and viability.

What are Stellar’s pros and cons?


  • Transactions on the Stellar network have extremely low fees in Canada and worldwide.
  • Stellar works well with existing fiat currencies and financial institutions, so it can gain traction without causing friction.
  • You can buy Stellar coins in Canada on crypto trading platforms, like Coinberry.


  • Stellar is relatively new and prices of its coin change every day.
  • Stellar has many competitors, including Ripple which is quite prominent.

Want to buy Stellar (XLM) in Canada? Coinberry lets you buy it and other cryptocurrencies in just a few steps:


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