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How to Buy Refinable (FINE): Step by Step

If you’re wondering about how to buy Refinable crypto, look no further. The Refinable $FINE utility token is available for purchase by Canadians, but has its own factors and specifics to consider before making an investment. At Coinberry, we want our readers to feel empowered by knowledge and awareness regarding different types of cryptocurrencies, so read on if you want to learn more about  how to take advantage of FINE’s growing popularity and its special use as an NFT hub.

Introduction to Refinable and $FINE

Before you move forward though, it helps to learn more about the benefits of Refinable and its utility token FINE. 

First, Refinable’s FINE acts as a membership and utility token. This means FINE token holders gain exclusive benefits and rights about the development and future of the Refinable ecosystem.

But what is Refinable anyway and why should you join its growing and dynamic community? Essentially, Refinable is an NFT marketplace but the difference is that it makes it easy to create, distribute, and discover NFTs.

How users benefit from Refinable

Through Refinable, creators can easily tokenize their content and distribute them through gifts, royalties, auctions, and other ways. Investors and other users also benefit because they can now easily find NFTs coming from a wide variety of sources. In addition, Refinable’s lower fees allow people to extract more value. With these benefits, it’s clear why more and more people are using Refinable or consider using it in the near future.

Earlier we mentioned that creators can easily tokenize their content through Refinable. This is possible because creators can now launch their NFTs even without coding. This makes the experience quick and frictionless. This is somewhat similar to what Amazon did with its “1-Click Ordering.” It made the shopping experience smooth and frictionless, which led to more ecommerce sales.

In other words, Refinable brings NFTs to a larger audience. As a result, more people can invest in NFTs or just first explore this highly dynamic area. With minimum fees and commissions plus a “no-code requirement”, users can easily give it a try and explore its tokenomics and overall ecosystem.

How users benefit from FINE

There’s definitely merit to Refinable as an NFT hub and how it makes it easy to create, distribute, and invest in NFTs. Now it’s time to talk about FINE before we focus on learning where to buy Refinable token.

First, FINE is Refinable’s governance token. This helps align the incentives of the platform’s users, stakeholders, and other participants. With FINE as a governance token, the token holders gain voting rights which will influence Refinable’s future. In other words, through the token they will become more inclined to help the platform develop towards a positive direction. 

Aside from being a governance token, FINE is also a utility token where participants can use it to settle and fund their transactions. They can also spend it to gain more exposure in Refinable’s NFT hub. In addition, users who stake their tokens can benefit from exclusive events, auctions, unique listings, and huge discounts. As a result, they get to extract more value from the platform and use their savings in other NFTs and investments.


There are only a few safe ways on how to buy Refinable coin. You can start with connecting your crypto wallet through Metamask, Solflare (Solana), and other popular browser extensions. You can also directly start with a few major crypto trading platforms that support Refinable’s FINE token.

For those who want to explore Refinable as an NFT hub and later on buy FINE, here’s are the action steps:

  1. Go to Refinable (
  2. Click “Connect Wallet” (on the homepage’s top right)
  3. Select MetaMask, Solflare, or another applicable browser extension
  4. When connecting, select the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and approve the pop-up permissions
  5. Double check if it’s indeed the BSC network
  6. After setting up your wallet and the correct network, you can start listing your NFT or further explore Refinable and FINE.

Is Refinable (FINE) a good investment? 

Just as with most other cryptocurrencies and tokens, $FINE’s future price movements partly depend on crypto’s overall development as well as future government policies and regulations related to Web3. FINE’s future price may also depend on the growing number of its users and holders and the platform’s expanding reach through further integrations and new upcoming features. 

There’s also the “Elon Musk effect” to watch out for, where a single tweet from a billionaire or celebrity can spike up a crypto’s price. As a result, it helps to track the news, trends, and price movements if you want to maximize your gains or better participate in the future and development of a crypto or Web3 platform such as Refinable.

To summarize, here are the benefits of joining Refinable and buying $FINE:

  • Refinable has its own governance token, FINE
  • Users and holders have more incentive about Refinable’s future and development
  • Lower fees and huge discounts to holders
  • Increased exposure and exclusive benefits by using FINE
  • Refinable’s no-code so more creators can quickly launch their NFTs
  • Refinable’s growing ecosystem and further integrations

Refinable vs OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the most popular direct competitors of Refinable. The difference is that OpenSea doesn’t have a coin or token of its own (while Refinable has the FINE token). This implies that Refinable allows users to share in its platform’s success, which in turn gives them more incentive to grow and invest more in FINE and the Refinable platform.

Refinable’s FINE short history and future

Refinable had a strong start because MrBeast (with more than 160 million combined YouTube subscribers) and a major crypto trading platform invested in the platform.

When it comes to Refinable’s growth and FINE’s future, it partly depends on its ecosystem’s innovations and further integrations with other popular platforms. For example, Refinable has already added several integrations such as with Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Solana. This helps expand Refinable’s reach and ease of use. 

In terms of innovations or new features, Refinable recently launched the Custom Storefronts feature. It only takes minutes to set up the custom storefront and it will be search engine optimized (similar to setting up the usual ecommerce store in Amazon or Shopify). This will further empower the creators and other users to explore the possibilities with Refinable and FINE.

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