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Crypto Blog: Coinberry

Announcement: Coinberry Is Getting Upgrades & We're Sunsetting Some Of Our Coins

We have some exciting news! The Coinberry platform will soon be getting major upgrades. The new Coinberry will offer a similar simple crypto trading experience that you know and love, along with additional features such as:

  • Advanced Pro Trade UI
  • More Trade Types
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Private Wealth & Corporate 1:1 Service
  • Deeper liquidity & tighter spreads

IMPORTANT: As part of the upgrade to the new system, the following coins will no longer be supported on Coinberry: GALA, SNX, TRX, NEAR, ALGO, LRC, ENJ, SAND, KNC, AVAX, ATOM, SHIB, BAL, YFI, ZEC, GRT

We hope to include these in a future version of the upgraded Coinberry site, but we ask if you do hold these coins in your account you liquidate them to CAD or withdraw them to an external wallet before our upgrades.

If you do not take action before our upgrades, these coins will be auto-liquidated into CAD and you’ll receive the CAD proceeds in your upgraded Coinberry account.

More details and timelines will be shared shortly!