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What and Where to Learn About Bitcoin

Start your crypto education off right by familiarizing with digital assets and blockchain.

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Bitcoin might appear to have a high learning curve because of its complex nature. But new investors can attain a basic understanding of the market with some guided effort and intent.

What most Crypto Beginners Want to Know?

How do you make a profit from cryptocurrencies?
What is the safest way to buy Bitcoin?
Requirements for investing in Bitcoin  
Are cryptocurrencies a scam?
How do you store crypto securely?
Uses and applications of cryptocurrencies  

Read quality news to stay abreast of the market. Get involved in communities like BitcoinTalk and seek counsel from experienced investors. The real secret is in getting involved.

Getting Started Learning

What and Where to learn about Bitcoin

What it is DeFi?

Complete decentralized finance ecosystem

What is Ethereum?

A smart contract digital currency platform

Cryptocurrency Glossary

Alt coins and tokens

What is Blockchain?

Immutable data recording open ledger system

Getting started
How Bitcoin Works in 5 minutes (non-technical) How Bitcoin Works in 5 minutes (a bit technical) Bitcoin 101 Beginner’s guide to Bitcoin by CoinDesk  

History of Bitcoin

Complete writings of Satoshi Nakamoto
 The Book of Satoshi  Digital Gold  The Age of Cryptocurrency  

News Outlets

Bitcoin Magazine  CoinDesk  CoinJournal  CoinTelegraph  


Bitcoin knowledge podcast
 Epicenter  Let's Talk Bitcoin  World crypto Network  

Online Courses

In-Depth Udemy Course  Coursera Cryptocurrency Course  Khan Academy Bitcoin Course  Bitcoin 101 Blackbeard series  Introduction to Bitcoin  Introduction to Digital Currency  


Bitcoin’s security model: A Deep Dive
 Bitcoin security and storage 101 CoinDesk’s Bitcoin storage guide  

YouTube Channels

Andreas Antonopolous Andy Ofiesh Bitcoin Embassy Bitcoin Foundation Bitcoin Wednesday Blockchain University Blockstack Bruce Fenton First Mover Coin Brief EatTheBlocks Ethereum for Dummies - Dr. Gavin Wood Draper University EtherCasts Ethereum Project EverydayCrpto Let's Talk Bitcoin MIT Bitcoin Club SF Bitcoin Meetup Industry Satoshi Pollen Technical Texas Bitcoin Conference University of Nicosia WBN World Crypto Network deBitcoin Trust Disrupted Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts

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