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How to Buy Zcash (ZEC) in Canada

Learn how to buy Zcash in Canada in 3 easy steps with 0% CAD funding and 0% CAD withdrawal fees.
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What is Zcash?

Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin but with added anonymity. With Bitcoin, all transactions are visible and open on the blockchain, so anyone can access wallet addresses and other transaction information. But with Zcash, users can use shielded addresses, which hide the address of the sender and receiver, as well as the amount of the transaction.

The Zcash cryptocurrency uses a proof of work mechanism to secure the network, so miners must compete with each other to solve each hash block. Mining rewards, otherwise known as block rewards, are paid out in ZEC. Zcash cryptocurrency can be used to buy goods and services safely and anonymously.

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Zcash (ZEC)

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Why make an investment in Zcash?

Zcash uses the zk-SNARK protocol, which is a function that proves a transaction took place while keeping the details private and anonymous, unlike most other cryptocurrencies on the market in Canada.

Since privacy is one of the most important aspects of blockchain technology, Zcash’s private transactions and use of the zk-SNARK protocol make it a highly promising investment and set it apart from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The pros and cons of Zcash as a cryptocurrency in Canada


  • Zcash is one of the top privacy coins by market capitalization and offers users a secure way to make anonymous transactions
  • There is a fixed supply of Zcash, so the value is more likely to increase as demand increases


  • Zcash has many competitors, including Monero
  • It’s costly to mine Zcash due to the amount of electricity and processing power needed, so it’s difficult to profit from mining it. The processing power required for mining also means that Zcash is not as energy-efficient as some other coins

What makes it stand out in Canada?

Many of Zcash’s founding members and developers are scientists and other experts, including professionals from Johns Hopkins University. Zcash has become such a popular privacy coin in Canada because of the expertise of these team members. Further development of the project is likely to be successful with so many experts on board the project.

This, coupled with the fact that it is a secure and reliable privacy coin, makes Zcash a clear standout in Canada and around the world.

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Now that you know how to buy Zcash in Canada, you should consider a cryptocurrency wallet to keep it secure.

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