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What is Tron

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For many investors, Tron is a bit of an enigma. Is it a blockchain project? Is it a content creation platform? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes. Tron is all this and more.

In simple terms, Tron is a blockchain designed for the creation of entertainment and content. Think of it as a social media blockchain for content. Users create content, then share it, trade it, or sell it. The content created for Tron can be anything, including photos, stories, videos, and pictures.

Tron is often compared to Ethereum because they share many of the same features. For example, both use smart contracts, have a token-specific wallet, and support decentralized applications, also known as dApps. 

Who created Tron?

In 2017, Justin Sun developed the Tron Foundation, which serves as the basis for the Tron network. Prior to creating Tron, Sun worked as a representative for Ripple and produced an audio content application called Peiwo. While Sun has been a lightning rod for controversy within the industry, there’s no doubt that the Tron CEO has brought attention to his project.

Why was Tron created?

The intent of Tron is to create a completely decentralized web. As a result, the project itself has no centralized authority or third-party users must go through. Instead, it provides users a way to connect to the resources they need directly. That means Tron has the potential to offer the following:

- An entirely decentralized internet
- A market for mobile applications
- An online market for content creators and consumers

By providing these features, Tron gives content providers a way to control their content while avoiding major tech platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and others that want a piece of the pie. In addition, with Tron, content consumers can directly reward content creators for their media.

How does Tron Work?

Tron works on several defining principles. First and foremost is decentralization. All data on the Tron network is completely free of any centralized authority, which is one of the key tenets of decentralization. In addition, through the decentralized Tron platform, content producers can earn Tron as a reward for providing content.

The beauty of this concept is that it allows creators to own their content outright. Unfortunately, many content platforms require transaction fees when posting content, which is something Tron doesn’t do. Instead, Tron’s intent is to provide both users and content creators an open and decentralized internet.

Additionally, creators have the option to make their own tokens or coins on the Tron network. These tokens are backed by the primary token on the Tron network, TRX. Users can also build their own dApp on the platform, which they can use to host their own content or provide content created by others. 

Why is Tron important to investors?

Image by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay

Tron is appealing to investors for several reasons. First, its goal is to use its decentralized platform to distribute content throughout the world. Ambitious, right? This type of thinking disrupts already existing centralized platforms like YouTube and Facebook. What’s not to like? 

Additionally, Tron’s network can process nearly 1,000 transactions per second at little to no cost. When you compare the price of sending and receiving Tron to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s not even close.

Third, Tron is a sovereign, independent blockchain. Yes, it started out as an Ethereum ERC-20 token, but it didn’t take long for the project to migrate to its own blockchain, which speaks volumes about Tron’s leadership.

What is the future of Tron?

The future of any project rests on its long-term roadmap. Tron has plenty on its plate for future implementation, including an ICO (initial coin offering) platform and promoting Tron network adoption. Additionally, Tron plans to provide users a way to create decentralized games. These features are broken down into phases, which include the last two on the platform’s list, Star Trek and Eternity.

These last two phases will focus entirely on ways to decentralize the gaming industry while monetizing in-game currencies and economies. Tron’s goal is to develop a wholly decentralized platform that will host games available around the world. 

Will Tron continue on its current path?

Tron exists in a niche market that appeals to a specific type of investor or trader. It’s hard to see how Tron might continue on its current path, given that it has nearly completed all phases of its roadmap. The platform is banking heavily on its gaming initiative, which could make or break the project.

However, Tron does have significant partnerships that would suggest the platform is in it for the long haul. Cooperation with these businesses shows that Tron is doing all it can to stay relevant in the world of crypto. Will it work? Time will tell.

Decentralized internet for the world?

Tron boasts a platform that offers decentralized internet for anyone in the world. As a result, content creators have a way to share their content without going through centralized behemoths like Google, Facebook, or YouTube. As a result, they get the earning for their content, not the platform.

While Tron doesn’t offer the cache of other high-profile blockchain projects like Ethereum, it does have plenty of significant partnerships. Working with brands like Samsung, Opera, and BitTorrent is sure to bring some attention to this decentralized platform. But will it be enough to push Tron back to the top of the market? That remains to be seen.

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