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How to buy Curve (CRV) in Canada

Find out how to buy Curve in 3 easy steps. Plus, enjoy no CAD deposit and withdrawal fees.
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What is Curve (CRV)?

Curve is an automated market maker (AMM). That means it’s a decentralized application that lets users trade cryptocurrencies using liquidity pools instead of the traditional order-book method. Investors can lock up their crypto in the pools, letting it be used for cryptocurrency trades. Then, transaction fees are paid back to the investors, giving them a lucrative source of income.

The native token for Curve is CRV. It can be locked up in exchange for voting rights and to receive additional passive rewards.

Curve focuses on trading stablecoins rather than other cryptocurrencies. As a result, the Curve market is more expensive, but less volatile. The Curve network has another advantage. It also lets you trade other erc-20 tokens, like Ethereum and wBTC.

Curve Dao (CRV) logo
Curve Dao (CRV) logo

Curve (CRV)

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Why invest in Curve?

Released in 2020, Curve is one of the most popular AMMs for stablecoins because of its low fees, low slippage rates, and overall low volatility. Curve is also one of the most popular stablecoin AMMs because it represents a leading decentralized application.

Curve is a valuable investment in Canada. Curve’s safety is strengthened through its stablecoins, which are inherently a safer trading option. This coin gives investors the opportunity to earn steady passive rewards without the risks of a more volatile market.

Also, Curve lets investors earn additional rewards through yield farming, which then adds liquidity to pools and locks up CRV tokens.

What are Curve’s pros and cons?


  • Focuses on the trading of stablecoins, creating a less volatile market than other AMMs.
  • Allows investors to earn rewards and gain voting rights by locking up their CRV tokens.
  • Is accessible and easy to buy in Canada on platforms like Coinberry.


  • Has many competitors in Canada, like UniSwap and Balancer.

Why does Curve stand out as a crypto coin?

Curve is unique because it focuses on stability, which is rare in the world of cryptocurrency. While most other crypto investments are highly volatile, Curve gives investors a lower return, but offers a safer option. Plus, each liquidity pool in the Curve network only has tokens of similar prices. That’s unlike other AMMs, such as Balancer and UniSwap, where pools can have many different cryptocurrencies and prices.

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