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How to buy Balancer (BAL) in Canada

Wondering how to buy Balancer in Canada? You can with Coinberry, in 3 easy steps. Plus, you pay no deposit and withdrawal fees.
Buy Balancer (BAL)

What is Balancer?

An Ethereum-based app, Balancer supports a decentralized exchange, meaning it lets users trade cryptocurrencies. Balancer’s cryptocurrency, known as BAL, supports the app and users receive it as reward.

Balancer and the BAL coin use an interesting approach. The system watches over investments of various cryptocurrencies in liquidity pools. When the value of one coin drops, the system “balances” to preserve as much of the original investment value as possible.

As a result, Balancer makes it easier to secure your investments and increases your chances of making a profit from your cryptocurrency.

Balancer (BAL) logo
Balancer (BAL) logo

Balancer (BAL)

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Why invest in Balancer?

Balancer offers an interesting combination of an index fund-style system that pays out its own branded cryptocurrency. By letting people trade cryptocurrencies, Balancer also lets anyone add liquidity to a trading pool and purchase a stake for potential profits.

Balancer and its BAL crypto coin are mainly designed for investing in cryptocurrencies. The BAL coin is used for liquidity when making investments in crypto, rather than being used as a currency to buy material things. Accordingly, traditional investors familiar with stock and index-fund investments will find it easy to pick up on how Balancer works.

What are Balancer’s pros and cons?


  • Balancer automatically works to manage liquidity pools and preserve your investments.
  • Owning BAL coins gives you a say in how the platform and coin is further developed.
  • Buying Balancer in Canada is quick and easy. Just use a trusted cryptocurrency platform, like Coinberry.


  • The value of Balancer can change overnight.
  • All Balancer transactions are final.
  • Balancer has some popular competitors, including the UniSwap platform.

Why does Balancer stand out as a cryptocurrency?

Balancer stands out because it lets users trade on a decentralized platform through an app. The platform doesn’t have any permissions or strict requirements, so you can participate in trading crypto at a global level without any restrictions.

As well, Balancer lets anyone add liquidity to a trading pool and make passive income from their earnings. This way you can leverage your wallet earnings in more ways than with a direct investment. Just add your earnings to a Balancer trading pool.

Buy Balancer (BAL) in Canada using Coinberry’s quick and easy solution:


Create your account.

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Get verified.

After you sign up, you’ll need to verify your account.

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Buy Balancer (BAL).

You can buy BAL right away at the best rates.

Get started with as little as $50 CAD. You can use a bank wire or an Interac e-Transfer to fund your account.

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