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How to buy Gala (GALA) in Canada

Learn about buying Gala (GALA) in 3 easy steps. What’s more, you never pay CAD deposit and withdrawal fees.
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What is Gala?

A platform for decentralized blockchain gaming, Gala lets players own in-game assets and contribute to how the entire ecosystem develops. Gala focuses on making blockchain games that people want to play.  In fact, players can help decide which games are added and funded.


Gala (GALA)

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Why invest in Gala?

Gaming has always been a huge market, even before blockchains became popular. And not surprisingly, players always will support engaging games which offer the right incentives. For example, many players buy skins and other in-game assets to level up their experience.

Thanks to Gala’s blockchain platform, players will own in-game assets. By offering other incentives, Gala has the potential to become sustainable.

What are Gala's pros and cons?


  • As a play-to-earn platform, Gala empowers and rewards players accordingly.
  • Well-designed games attract players who are willing to spend time and financial resources to level up their experience. If Gala continues to focus on playability, then its platform can grow further.


  • The gaming landscape is competitive. Established companies, not in any blockchain, continuously develop games which attract millions of users.
  • Getting the right incentives proves challenging and necessary to sustain a game and maintain players’ interest.

What makes Gala stand out?

Most other play-to-earn games and platforms emphasize their investment side. As a result, their games are poorly designed and only played for the crypto rewards. Players leave immediately after they cash out or if the token falls in value.  

In contrast, Gala emphasizes playability. Even without the investment and blockchain aspect of the games, they still will entice players. Gala has the potential to sustain existing players, while attracting and retaining other ones.

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