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How to buy Cosmos (ATOM) in Canada

Discover how to buy Cosmos (ATOM) in 3 easy steps. Plus, you never pay CAD deposit and withdrawal fees.
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What is Cosmos?

Cosmos aims to be the “Internet of Blockchains”, meaning many networks can freely communicate and collaborate with one another. This interconnection and interoperability may help unleash the full potential of blockchains in the same way that computer networks have revolutionized communication and commerce.

The “Internet of Blockchains” will bring together apps and services that can freely exchange assets and data across independent and decentralized blockchains.


Cosmos (ATOM)

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Why invest in Cosmos?

Cosmos may benefit from the growing adoption of blockchains by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

With more than 265 apps and services, Cosmos is in a favourable position to lead blockchain interoperability. Cosmos’ native token, ATOM, lets people start earning rewards and make decisions on the future of the Cosmos network. ATOM’s direct value as a cryptocurrency may increase as more services are introduced and as more blockchains are secured by the ecosystem.

What are Cosmos’s pros and cons?


  • Cosmos (ATOM) may benefit from the growing adoption of blockchains.
  • Cosmos excels in interoperability, which is the future of blockchains and cryptocurrency.
  • As Cosmos’ network grows and becomes more powerful, more developers will be encouraged to participate.


  • Like other crypto, Cosmos’ price is volatile.
  • A popular competitor which also connects blockchains, Polkadot has huge market capitalization and a rapidly growing ecosystem.
  • Increased regulation may affect ATOM’s price.

What makes Cosmos stand out?

Cosmos and its ATOM cryptocurrency have a lot of long-term potential because of its growing ecosystem of blockchains, apps, and services. Its interconnectivity and interoperability can help accelerate blockchain development.

Cosmos also solves three main blockchain problems: scalability, sovereignty, and sustainability. As a result, Cosmos can save on development costs, improve throughput, and reduce the carbon footprint.

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