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What is XRP?

What is it?

XRP is the Cryptocurrency created by American software company Ripple for their international payments system RippleNet, trusted by major financial institutions including American Express and Standard Chartered. XRP is the medium used by the RippleNet to facilitate accurate high-speed currency exchange.

I want to learn more about XRP?

Go to the Official Ripple website.

I want to learn more about the technicality of XRP!

Read the Ripple Whitepaper.

Do I have to buy 1 full XRP?

No! You can buy as little as 0.000001 Ripple.

Why is XRP so volatile?

Like regular cryptocurrencies, XRP's value is influenced by coverage in the press, perceived value, relative lack of liquidity allowing large holders to affect price, news of exchange hacks and high profile losses. However, as the native currency, its value is also dependent on how trusted the RippleNet is by financial institutions.