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Coinberry partners with the Gemini Trust Company LLC™ for custodial services.

We provide our customers with peace of mind and the highest standard of security available.
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Coinberry Offers Investors Industry-Leading Crypto Security

Coinberry has partnered with Gemini Trust Company LLC (Gemini) for crypto custodial services in order to provide our investors with peace of mind and the highest standard of security available.   Investors storing their assets on the Coinberry platform benefit from Gemini cold storage. 

World class-leading crypto custody services

Regulated as a New York State trust company, Gemini was developed by experts in cryptography and financial security. It undergoes periodic audits and is subject to the same capital reserve requirements and compliance standards as traditional financial institutions under New York state banking law. 

$200 million in insurance coverage

Gemini is insured to $200 million for cold crypto asset storage. This is the most insurance coverage that any crypto custodian has ever purchased, worldwide.  

A Fortress of Advanced Security Architecture

Now, when Coinberry customers hold their crypto on the Coinberry platform, they benefit from Gemini’s cutting-edge safeguard technologies and protocols which provide multiple layers of protection. These features include multi-signature requirements, which eliminate single points of failure, role-based governance protocols and a series of biometric access controls. Moreover, integrating with Gemini enables Coinberry to deploy mandatory whitelisting and customizable approval processes for withdrawals which further enhances account-level security.  These digital protective measures are ringfenced behind various layers of physical security infrastructure. The result is that Coinberry customers can now take advantage of an on-platform crypto custody that is virtually impenetrable to hacking.  To protect our customers each account requires two-factor authentication to log in or make crypto withdrawals. Customers can take further measures, such as restricting their account to only approved withdrawal addresses. Customer accounts are further protected with rate-limiting to prevent brute force attacks, and sensitive data is safeguarded by encryption and password salting and hashing. 

Robust Regulatory Compliance and ISO-certified

The safety of our members investments is our top priority. We offer our investors the highest level of protection and assurance, and with the Gemini partnership, we have furthered our rigorous commitment to trust, security and transparency. 

Gemini is subject to the New York Department of Financial Services cybersecurity regulations. It is the world’s first crypto exchange and custodian to complete SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 examinations and achieve an ISO 27001 certification.   

As Safe as Cold Storage Gets

When customers trade with Coinberry, they can now benefit from Gemini’s peerless custody infrastructure, which is: 

  • Geographically distributed
  • Access-controlled 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  • And requires stringent security access credentials, including mandatory coordinated action of multiple employees to operate

Private keys are always kept offline via hardware security modules that are never connected to the internet. These modules are air-gapped and safely stored inside safes, which are, in turn, stored inside locked cages.  As a result, Gemini hardware security modules have achieved a U.S. government rating of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 or higher.  This partnership with Gemini is a testament to Coinberry’s ongoing commitment to safety and security. By choosing Coinberry, investors can experience Canada’s premier trading platform and the most secure crypto custody in the world.   

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Coinberry has a Financial Institution Bond from Lloyd's of London!
We hold ourselves to the highest standards of financial regulation and have explicitly protected our members against financial losses due to dishonest acts and unethical behavior from Coinberry employees.