The Coinberry Brokerage Model

We source Crypto for a lower price as a high volume buyer and re-sell it at listed prices.

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Our Secret, High Volume Trade Order Management

Coinberry offers our clients highly competitive fees and fast transaction times by managing large volumes of trade orders within our network of liquidity providers. We buy crypto at discounted rates as a high volume customer and re-sell it at listed prices, taking advantage of the difference in prices or, "the spread" - it's how we make money on individual transactions.

No hidden charges. No additional fees.

When you buy or sell cryptocurrency using Coinberry we fill that order through Coinberry’s network of liquidity sources. Coinberry establishes the rate for cryptocurrency transactions on our platform by adding a margin, or spread, of between 0% and 2.5% to the rate offered by our liquidity sources.
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Commission Free

Our simple and easy-to-use app clearly displays the transaction fees factoring in the spread from the first moment you do business with us.

FINTRAC registered PIPEDA compliant

Fast Transactions

Onboard and fund your account with e-transfer to place commission-free trades using CAD in minutes, instantly trade using your deposited funds.

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We will always disclose the estimated fee Coinberry charges as a result of our spread to each transaction before you confirm your order.
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Coinberry is the safest and quickest way to buy, sell and accept payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Canada.