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Coinberry Autopilot: Saving time, reducing risk and hedging against volatility.

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Canadian crypto investors can automate their investments

Using Coinberry Autopilot allows you to implement a dollar-cost averaging investment strategy, leading to more consistent returns and hedge against price fluctuations. Autopilot can also save you time and takes the emotion out of the investing equation.

Crypto prices can shift quickly, making it harder to capitalize on dips or spikes in price by buying or selling at the right time. Additionally, frequent prices changes makes basing your buying and selling around them time consuming. That’s where Coinberry Autopilot comes in.

With Coinberry Autopilot, you can set up cryptocurrency purchases on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. You can enable Autopilot on our mobile app, pick the dollar amount and frequency you want to invest and then set and forget. Autopilot has several main benefits for crypto investors:

Improving Your Crypto Investing Experience

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It takes the emotion out of the equation: It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the crypto market. Autopilot removes emotion from investing.
Bitcoin and crypto investing gains and losses
It saves time: You can set up Autopilot in under a minute then plan out your crypto investments months in advance.
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It reduces risk: Autopilot lets you set up recurring investments, which is dollar-cost-average (DCA) investing.
Dollar cost-averaging involves making smaller crypto purchases  daily, weekly or monthly basis, regardless of the price. By spreading out your purchases, you can hedge against price fluctuations and reduce the risk of losses  resulting from, a large lump sum investment. For example, if you make a lump sum purchase as the price of a coin is peaking, and then the price drops, you’ll end up, taking a loss on your investment due to the price drop. But if you divide the lump sum into smaller, more frequent purchases, you can take advantage of changes in price,  leading to more consistent gains over time.  

For a real-world example, if you’d invested $2,000 in BTC on April 15th, as of this writing, your investment would have resulted in an 8.3% loss. But if starting on April 15th, you’d invested $100 a day over twenty days – the same amount, your investment would be up by 3.4%.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Coinberry Autopilot

You can setup Autopilot by taking the following steps:
  • Log in to your Coinberry account
  • Select the Autopilot option
  • Select the amount you want to put towards purchasing crypto and then select your desired frequency – daily, weekly, or monthly.

Coinberry Autopilot – Easy, Efficient and Automatic

Once you set up Autopilot, you can invest in crypto without following every fluctuation on the market. You can easily adjust your purchase amounts and frequencies whenever you like.   Autopilot puts you in a position to succeed as a novice crypto investor. Automating your purchases removes human emotion from the equation, sparing you from the emotional roller coaster of getting caught up in market fluctuations.   Whether you’re a veteran holder or a new user, Coinberry’s Autopilot feature is a terrific way to manage your investments when trading cryptocurrency.
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